What We Offer

General objectives of the center

We believe in making it easier for organizations to operate and grow on an international scale.

Preparing Studies

1: Preparing studies and research related to political issues, social problems, and economic services, and delivering them to the decision-maker, in order to employ them for the development of society at home, and the community in the diaspora.

General Provision

2: Providing a general and comprehensive database archive to document all scientific, academic and press publications related to the Somali nation and the diaspora communities, and to know the latest written and issued in this regard globally and locally.

A Periodic Opinion

3: Conducting regular and periodic opinion polls and referendums on the main and central issues for which an opinion is to be taken to know the tendencies and tendencies of people, and thus employ them for the benefit of the nation and the community.

Holding The Conference

4: Holding conferences, workshops and seminars attended by the public, with the participation of decision-makers, interested persons and specialists, with the aim of correcting concepts, changing paths, and public mobilization towards the interests of the community.


5: Contribute to preparing a distinguished generation of leaders and researchers.

Do Search

6: Conducting research and studies in the jurisprudence of communities related to Muslim minorities residing in countries that do not apply Islamic law, which require treatment of emergency conditions in the lives of Muslims in the light of Islamic law.


7: Enriching the Somali arena with thought and knowledge, mobilizing public opinion, contributing to awareness, development and education, publishing and documenting the history of the Somali nation, a large part of which suffers from absence and fading geographically, historically and politically, and evoking all of this in the minds and minds of the nation, especially the new generation of youth and school students .

Study Preparation

8: Preparing studies of a forward-looking nature, based on the facts and facts of reality, trying to predict the demographic variables of the community, and preparing for the future, by relying on certain mechanisms and techniques that benefit in how to deal with data and variables and employ them if they are positive, and avoid them and disappear if they are negative.

Address the goals

Come here and speak to your future

  • Generating knowledge, crystallizing ideas and disseminating them through qualitative theoretical and applied research and studies.
  •  opening horizons for dialogue by organizing cultural events, seminars and scientific courses.
  •  Capacity building through specialized workshops, and creating practical training opportunities with the center and with its partners locally and internationally.
  •  Foreseeing and forecasting the near and far future, and discovering in advance the advocacy, social and political problems, and demographic variables in order to prepare and plan to confront them, and for an immediate response to deal with them.
  •  Providing specialized consultations and research to endowment institutions, advocacy centers, civil society organizations and bodies for the community, and decision-makers, including supporting the process’s efforts to build national peace through dialogue and mediation.

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